Confused College Students Seeking Career Guidance: Take the Interest Inventory!

We’ve all been asked more times than we can count, what do you want to do with your life after college? Family and friends mean well when they ask about our future plans, but this loaded question brings on feelings of anxiety for many college students. How can we even begin to decide what we want to do upon graduation?

The good news is that there are a countless number of resources right on campus that provide career and major advice to college students. I went to Villanova’s Career Center in Garey Hall to take advantage of one such resource last week. Called the Strong Interest Inventory, this short survey is a great first step in the career planning and exploration process. Read on to hear about my experience and to learn how you can sign up to take it yourself.

Taking the Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is a tool that can help you make decisions about your career and education. The survey is offered in the Career Center (located in Garey Hall).

Like many college students, I was feeling lost with respect to choosing my major, so one morning, I decided to schedule an appointment to take the survey. It took me about thirty minutes to answer all of the questions. Taking the survey was actually enjoyable (coffee and tea are provided!), and I was excited to see what my responses would indicate about my education and career preferences.

Reviewing my Results

Several days after taking the Strong Interest Inventory, I returned to Garey Hall to review my results with Beth Cahill, Villanova’s Assistant Director of Student Services. Together, we explored all fourteen pages of my results packet. The packet was a gold mine of information that gave results about my work personality, potential areas of interest, my personal style, and so much more.

The survey indicated that I would likely enjoy a career in teaching and education, human resources and training, mathematics, culinary arts, or management. While I definitely cannot see myself as a professional chef, I would love to explore careers in the other areas. The survey also generated a list of ten professions that I would likely enjoy, and human resource specialist, training and development specialist, financial analyst, and instructional coordinator topped the list. I walked out of the Career Center that day with so many great options for potential careers, office environments, and college majors that aligned with my interests.

Where I Go From Here

I learned so much from my hour-long talk with Beth. After reviewing my results, she gave me several great pieces of advice about how to take my results and start making career and education decisions. Here are a few notable words of wisdom from Beth:

  • As you consider different majors, talk with faculty members within the department to learn more.
  • To learn more about a specific career, visit the following website to see summary descriptions of different occupations:
  • Utilize LinkedIn to search for alumni and ask about their careers and potential internship opportunities.

Now What?

Now, by no means will the Strong Interest Inventory give you the million-dollar answer to the question of what you want to do with your life, but it is a fabulous place to start. Call the Career Center at 610-519-4060 to make your appointment today!

Looking for more detailed information about the Strong Interest Inventory? Visit the following website to learn more:


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